How to Get More Customers: A Beginner’s Guide to inbound Marketing

“Inbound marketing is a prime example of how much success can come when you “do the work!” Offer people something of value. Think hard about how what you do, and what you sell enriches their life. It’s the idea of: Let them come to you, put into perfect practice!” 

Inbound marketing is all about giving potenial customers what they want. In order to do that, you, as a small business owner need ot step back and try to see the world through your potential customer’s eyes. 

“Who are they? What is their need? How do you fill it better than anyone else?”

Here are some helpful questions to ask in order to fuel your inbound marketing strategy1. Who is your potential customer – eg. what is their vocation, age, tastes – where do they shop, what is their lifestyle? How do they spend their time? What types of products do they already use or buy? For example, a high end Jewelry brand might try to hone in on women, who are of a mature demographic, who travel, and enjoy fine wines. 

2. Once you define what this customer profile looks like (and you may have several different profiles – that’s a good thing), ask yourself where they are, as in where you can show up with your message and product. Let’s go back to the jewelry brand. Your ideal customer. How do you put your brand in front of her in a way that resonates with her. Is it an ad for timeless elegance? Where will you place it? Is this demographic searching online, is she reading magazines? Where, and which ones? And, up next, Branding and messaging. 

3. Considering the interests of your target market. Ask yourself what they want to see and what they want to hear. How do you solve a problem, or how do you meet a goal or aspiration. Always remember it is about THEM, not you. It’s the role your product or service plays in their lives. A great sports campaign less about the fabric the running shorts are made from, and more about the aspiration of “the kind of people who wear them.” The lifestyle represented by the ad, when presented well is much more powerful than an appeal to product quality. 

In summary: understand your customer, and show up where they are with a product or service that helps them achieve a goal.

Our team at Buzzbie analyzes hundreds of marketing campaigns. Here’s what we so going wrong most of all, especially when it comes to small business; there’s why too much self centered marketing going on especially on social media. In fact, the platforms are flooded with it.

Let’s be honest, there’s no bigger turn off.

So, do the work. Know your audience. Put them front and center and serve them… relentlessly. 

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