Why Brand Consistency Counts

Brand Consistency is an ideal only thought of as limiting by novices. A bold statement, yes, but we’re not here to help everyone feel warm and cozy (well, sometimes we are.. but that’s mostly when we’re designing a blankie campaign).

If you are a small business, then it is imperative that you make the effort to build your brand. Later we’ll talk about how “your brand” doesn’t necessarily mean everything that’s your taste. You see, it’s “about you,” but it also isn’t.

The best brands become something of their own. They take on their own life. That Nike Swoosh is much more than a check mark now, and it doesn’t even require the name of the all powerful Nike goddess, who personified victory in any field including art, music, war, and athletics. 

Small business owners need to take the time to conduct a brand workshop with a pro. You need a style guide including fonts, colors, logos… you need a mission statement, and here’s the most important thing. You need to love it. Once cannon deviate in a big way, because you risk brand loyalty. If “Fuller House” came on TV, and nobody knew “Full House” first, would it be such a hit? Me thinks not.

So, in summary. When it comes to branding, is take the time to “dig in.” Know your brand from the inside out. Don’t reinvent the wheel every few months because it shows lack of confidence. Design. Develop. Own it.

You’ve got this. ~Team 47

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