Spring Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Spring has Sprung, and it’s time to get real about your marketing plan with our simple GAA program!

“Hope don’t float.” Thought the grammar isn’t correct, the sentiment is! We can’t simply hope that business will come to us when it comes to thriving in the real estate industry. Everything starts with goals and outcomes, then we must work backward from there to narrow down what actions we must take to reach said goals. These “little things” are what make up the big things. 

The GAA Philosophy for Spring Marketing!

1. Goals. Make a List of Goals – Best case scenario, what’s happening for your business. 

2. Actions. Revisit the list one goal at a time – write “offshoots” of each goal. What elements is in comprised of? What do you have to do to make it a step closer toward reaching that goal? You might tell an overwhelmed client to go room by room through their home in order to get it ready for sale. Do the same with your own business. 

3. Assets. Now that you have your actions, what assets do you need? Say you decided you are going to do more outreach to your local area? Well, you need a newsletter my friend! The point is, marketing doesn’t start with the newsletter… It starts with the goal, followed by the action, and finally the asset. (The physical marketing piece.)

By following 47 Degrees North Marketing’s “Goal, Action, Asset,” philosphy, you assure yourself that each marketing piece produced is strongly supporting your goal achievement.

So, get ready and Gaa!

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